"How To Send 1 Email Each Day AND  Increase Your Sales & Income!"

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  • ​50+ Email Templates & Sequence
  • ​7-Figure Email Swipe File
  • ​5 Minute Email Copy Formula
  • ​43+ Email Opening Subject Lines
  • ​Never End Up In The Spam Filter Technique
  • ​​How To write and send the only email that gets a 100% open rate.  This will give you an automatic advantage over any competition.
  • ​How a willing person with little to no sales experience is able to outperform those with years of experience. 
  • ​Find out if you are sending the worst performing email to your prospects that the majority of salespeople are taught to send. We'll give you the perfect email.

From: Tommy Ady

Re: How you can increase your sales and income... NOW!

You're selling cars, motorcycles, or boats... tangibles that people can drive and ride... they know they're going to have a good time.

Or, you might be selling intangibles... like extended warranties, insurance coverage, or financial planning. 

You've probably heard a few people brag about the money they're always making too... and maybe they keep hitting those big numbers when it seems nearly impossible. As in... there's no inventory.

In this book that I'm giving away, you'll learn 3 critical steps that make follow up and selling a lot easier.

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"How You Can Start Using Facebook To Generate Buyers..."

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What Is Expert Email Secrets About? 

Expert Email Secrets is my system for following up with people that have showed an interest in buying something from me... along with emails to follow up with my customers that I already sold something to...

To do that, I focus on these 3 things:

#1: Contact - While most follow up methods are time consuming and unproductive, I send emails with a Call To Action that gets people to reply back, text me, or to quickly pick up the phone and call.

Using these emails, I've been able to grow our dealers powersports sales by 100-200 buyers each day. For every 20 emails we send out, we generate 2-4 buyers in return.

You can start using my email strategy if you have as few as 20 emails, & then begin to increase your daily sends as you acquire more leads, inbound calls, and walk-ins that wouldn't buy yet.

#2: Content: While most salespeople aren't sending a single email out, just sending 10 to 20 emails, with the right message and call to action 2-3 times each week will generate buyers for you (allowing you to spend the rest of your time helping the additional people showing up).

Because we use my “Break Free Sales Method” to rapidly build trust & authority with everyone that didn't buy a motorcycle, handle their objections, & inch them closer to a buying decision with each email I send.

#3: Conversions: While most salespeople and dealerships typically don't attempt any kind of follow up with their unsold customers, I focus on simple, email templates being sent to unsold buyers.

We use my “Break Free Sales Method” to convert unsold prospects into great customers in just a matter of days or less without being weird or salesy.

Using the methodology outlined above, I can attribute more than 300K powersports sales, and now my business helps our dealership clients (& individual salespeople) sell thousands more than they ever would have..

147 Page Playbook

Inside Expert Email Secrets, you'll access strategic email templates, each written with a specific Call To Action that gets people to contact you. Your sales with the right emails, ask the right questions, & convert people into buyers quickly. 

Email Opening Subject Lines

Grab your buyers’ attention from the start with the Email Opening Subject Lines bonus. This bonus provides a collection of high-impact subject lines designed to increase open rates and set the stage for effective email engagement.  


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  • 50+ Email Templates: 
  • Email Subject Lines: To Get More Of Your Emails Opened
  • 7-Figure Email Swipe File: So you can refer back to professionally written emails to know what yours will look like.
  • 5 Minute Email Copy Formula: To ensure that you have a fast and simple way to choose the right email for each send that you do.
  • ​​An email that gets a 100% open rate: So you can automate and walkaway.

Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The 'Expert Email Secrets' Book Today!

  • Expert Email Secrets 147 Page Digital Book ($47 Value)
  • ​How To Create A Stampede of Buyers Digital Book ($37.00 Value)
  • BONUS 1: "Top 5 Mistakes That Kill Deals On The Phone" PDF with your order. ($9.95 Value)
  • ​BONUS 2: "Ten Things You Must Accomplish On Every Call" PDF with your order. ($9.95 Value)
  • ​BONUS 3: "My Ten Day Follow up Schedule For Unsold Customers" PDF with your order. ($9.95 Value)
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